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(Dis)ordered Lineage



Passover is an annual opportunity to remember the struggle of enslavement and recommit ourselves to pursuing liberation for all,” believes Jewtina y Co., a Jewish and Latin organization on a mission to nurture Latin-Jewish community, identity, leadership and resiliency, and celebrate Latin-Jewish heritage and multiculturalism.

This year, the organization published the Passover supplement to “connect the story of Passover to histories and current events affecting the Latin-Jewish community.” Hannah Joy Sachs, a Senior Fellow and the US National Director of Humanity in Action, was asked to contribute to the publication with her story of migration impacting her life.

After all, Passover is a communal migration story…

In her reflection titled “(Dis)ordered Lineage,” Hannah unravels her story of being adopted from China, and raised by a Jewish American family in New York City suburbs. “Migration of any type isn’t clean and orderly,” Hannah explains as she shares about her experience.

Indeed, “while we should honor those before us, we can approach histories and stories on our own terms,” Hannah believes.

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