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October '43 Travel Grant 2020: 'Fatherland' Documentary Premiering at CPH:DOX



Benjamin Kodboel, recipient of the 2020 Humanity in Action October ’43 Travel Grant 2020, has created the documentary ‘Fatherland’, which is now premiering at the annual Copenhagen International Documentary Festival (CPH:DOX). We are proud to announce that Senior Fellow, Nour Moazzen, also is involved in its production. 

About Fatherland

The Humanity in Action October ’43 Travel Grant each year awards grants dedicated to young students and professionals who work on issues regarding refugees and/or the protection of minorities.

In this documentary, we get to follow a Syrian family at risk for deportation from Denmark. Mesbah Msheelm and his three sons have lost their residence permits, and now Mesbah fears they will either be sent back to Syria or become scattered across various countries. However, amidst this struggle along with losing his wife to cancer, Mesbah – with the heartfelt support of the local community – channels energy to appeal the ruling and fight for his family to stay in Denmark.

‘Fatherland’ is a touching and hopeful film about the struggles for protection within the Danish immigration system, and about a father who shares his doubts, anxieties and pain with the viewers.


‘Fatherland’  has its screening premiere at Cinemateket on March 19th at 10:00. To purchase tickets, click here.

'Fatherland' Trailer