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Three reasons to spend your vacation on the school bench



The university paper “Uniavisen”, from the University of Copenhagen, features an article about Summer schools (in Danish). Below is a short summary of the article’s description of one of the summer schools: The Humanity in Action Fellowship.

“Summer school: Three reasons to spend your vacation on the school bench”.

The article opens with a picture of 2021 Fellows Lisa Trebs and Terese Freltoft hiking in the Faroe Islands. Terese is interviewed for the article, and she says, that it was primarily a professional interest in the subject that led her, as a student of Geography, to attend the Humanity in Action Fellowship, which partly took place in the Faroe Islands, and under the theme “Unity of the Realm and Human Rights”.

“I wanted to challenge myself in a different way than I did in my studies,” Terese Freltoft says in the article about the experience. “I gained a whole new perspective on human rights and learned a lot about myself and the perceptions one has. It was really cool to be allowed to travel to the Faroe Islands and experience their culture and how different it is from our own.”

The trip also gave the participants a new network, Terese Freltoft explains, and adds:

“I still see a lot of the people I met on the trip. We have become really good friends. I have a community for life.”

Read the full article (in Danish) here.