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Carolina Marques de Mesquita


Carolina Marques de Mesquita is a recent graduate of Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University. She completed degrees in political science and English literature with minors in Spanish and gender studies. Carolina is a speaker of Spanish and Portuguese and is passionate about language and international affairs. As an undergraduate, she studied abroad in the UK and Canada; served as the editor-in-chief of Normal Noise, a campus journal of literary nonfiction; and completed research on issues related to migration, gender, and peace and security. In the fall, Carolina will begin a year as an English Teaching Assistant with the Fulbright US Student Program in Portugal. After Fulbright, Carolina hopes to pursue a graduate degree in international relations, and to further investigate how to dismantle barriers to women’s participation in policy and peace processes. In her spare time, Carolina enjoys yoga, coffee, and admiring Arizona’s local succulents.


Updated May 2019