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Chandler Phillips


Chandler Phillips is a visual storyteller from Lawrenceville, Georgia and graduate of Duke University. With roots in the South and the West Indies, she is deeply interested in stories of Blackness, womanhood, and communities that have historically been overlooked and misrepresented. Chandler is currently a Lewis Hine Documentary Fellow. This year-long fellowship pairs storytellers with New York organizations who work with women, children, and people of color. Her work in this field began at Duke, where she co-founded the Bridge (, an online publication which celebrates the talents of Black and Latinx women, taught at Sunflower County Freedom School, produced three short documentary films, and was deeply involved in campus activism. Chandler sees the media as a weapon of change. It has the power to uplift, educate, and create spaces of understanding. She hopes to continue to find ways to make the media representative and accessible to all communities.


Updated May 2019