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Dagmar Büchert


Dagmar Büchert is a native of Copenhagen. She is currently taking her BA degree in Art History at the University of Copenhagen while working at Parkmuseerne. She holds an AP degree in Multimedia Design from Copenhagen School of Design and Technology and volunteered at the gallery Kunstforeningen Gl. Strand for two years, to nourish her interest in art history and visual culture. Moreover, she recognizes how hybrid and interdisciplinary artworks can foster new narratives upon societal issues, which she believes is a vital feature in a globalized art world. She has an interest in human rights issues, disability issues, intersectional feminism and conflict resolutions, which has made her spend time in Poland with the non-profit organization Crossing Borders and the student organization Foreningen Afsæt. In her free time, she enjoys home-cooking, spending time at the countryside and hanging out with friends.


Updated May 2022