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Danielle Miles-Langaigne


Born and raised in Boston, Danielle is a rising junior at the University of Pennsylvania majoring in Political Science with an individualized concentration in Intersectionality Studies. As a Civic Scholar, she devotes her college career to exploring the forms of discrimination affecting marginalized communities (institutional racism, sexist oppression, colorism, classism, white supremacy, among others). As an intern for Councilmember Helen Gym, she created a resolution responding to HR 620–a bill that would diminish many rights protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). She also contributed to the passing of the Fair Workweek legislation, which brought fair scheduling for 130,000 low-wage retail, fast-food, and hospitality workers in Philadelphia. Danielle dedicates her Saturdays on campus to mentoring middle and high-school students through Ase Academy, a program dedicated to cultural pedagogy and academic improvement. Post-Penn, Danielle aspires to attend law school and explore intersectionality through policy and academia.


Updated May 2019