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Daphne Tsapalas


Daphne Tsapalas is an emerging social science researcher with multiple years of experience in qualitative research methods and implementation across international and domestic contexts. After receiving her BA in Sociology from Bryn Mawr College, her research has focused on public health, gender and reproductive issues, and social network analysis. Having worked and studied in the US, Caribbean, South America, Europe, and Asia, Daphne is committed to battling the systematic disenfranchisement of vulnerable groups across the globe. She has recently presented posters on Behavioral Problems and Sexual Risk Behaviors among Perinatally acquired HIV Youth in Thailand at the 2021 APHA annual meeting, and on Developing a Novel Approach to Adapt Neuropsychological Tests Across Cultures at the 2022 INS conference. Deeply invested in equity and global citizenship, she is eager to continue learning through praxis and multiculturalism to enact meaningful change and be an even more effective advocate of human rights and pluralism.


Updated May 2022