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Florin Badita-Nistor



Florin Badita-Nistor is a Romanian activist that breathes the online ecosystem and uses the internet as a playground. People refer to Florin as an activist, data-scientist, social entrepreneur, and artist. He describes himself as a realistic optimist, logical, and uncommon – in the best sense possible.

Along with founding or co-founding 17 communities, Florin is the founder of the civic platform Corruption Kills, one of the largest civic organizations in Romania. He founded the community in 2015 after a fire killed 64 people in a club because of corruption. The biggest protests organized by Corruption Kills had 600,000 people in the street. The community’s main activities include civic/nonformal education, organizing protests, putting social pressure on the government and local authorities when they abuse their power. The aim is to empower the individual, by organizing conferences and events to help inform citizens about their rights and leverage technology to be more productive and informed. For his work in fighting corruption in Romania, Forbes included him on the Forbes 30 under 30 Europe in 2018, and Euronews nominated him as the European Personality of the Year in 2018. 

Updated November 2021