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Hana Halilbegović


Hana Halilbegović is a final year student currently finishing her Bachelor’s in Financial Management at The School of Business and Economics in Sarajevo. In addition to the financial and marketing management, her field of interest also includes democracy, sustainable development and Western Balkan’s collective leadership on reconciliation. Apart from striving to make contributions to peacebuilding initiatives in the Western Balkan region Hana is working on the Maker incentive in BiH that aims to create an environment that encourages education, research and development, innovation and youth entrepreneurship in her country. During her studies, she volunteered in local organizations working on different projects ranging from civic action projects concerning issues of youth development and youth policies to innovation and entrepreneurship programs. She hopes to contribute to the society in the future, since she believes that forward-thinking and innovative approach is the key to success.


Updated May 2022