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Janine Röttgerkamp


Janine Röttgerkamp is an equality and human rights advocate from Germany. She considers herself a feminist, holds a BA in Cultural Theory and Economics, and is currently pursuing her MA in Culture and Migration Studies focusing on International Relations. She has volunteered for an NGO in Peru, interned in German and Peruvian Foreign Policy, researched with the Cuban Cultural Research Ministry, and has lived in Germany, Cuba, and Nicaragua. She is active with refugee organizations and is a member of an anti-discriminatory student group. In her past, she has been part of a congress planning team on South American Politics and co-founded an inclusive self-help student group. Janine has zero-tolerance for injustices and is constantly learning more to discover possibilities to make creating a more just society her profession. She is passionate about animals, nature and loves good food. You can most probably find her sitting in the sun reading books about ways of re-imagining our world.


Updated April 2021