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Jonas Høiness


Jonas Høiness is a Norwegian architect and recent graduate of the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. He currently resides in Copenhagen with his girlfriend, Maria, and their hamster, Ifa. In addition to holding a degree in Architecture, Jonas has studied history at the University of Tromsø and art at the Kunst and Design College in Oslo. With Ecocrafting, an architectural firm, and his private practice, he aims to build housing and infrastructure for the world’s poorest using sustainable and unorthodox materials, such as hemp and bamboo. In the short term, Jonas plans on building micro-dwellings in Scandinavia, on land, water and in the trees. After that, he hopes to pursue further architectural studies in the fields of urban development and societal change. In his free time, Jonas builds furniture out of reclaimed materials, partakes in urban gardening and dumpster diving as well as hanging out with his hamster.

Updated May 2020