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Kerim Hodžić


Kerim Hodžić is a Project Officer for Humanity in Action in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Kerim is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree at the School of Business and Economic Sarajevo with Marketing Management as the main focus. His activist path began in high school when he engaged with a local high school students organization that focused on high school students and youth. He continues his activist engagement by working with many local and international organizations that primarily concentrate on human rights, gender equality, and peace-building. He was a member of the First BiH Pride March organizational committee, volunteering member of Revolt Tuzla, Youth Initiative for Human Rights BH, Zašto Ne? etc. Kerim is the 2020 John Lewis senior fellow and he implemented an action project with other fellows on the topic of discrimination against Roma people. He took part in various other Humanity in Action BiH activities that include education, mural painting, designing coloring books, etc. He actively participated in various educations, seminars, and programs that aimed at human rights violations, gender equality, reconciliation, dealing with the past, and youth peace-building which helped him to profile himself in these fields.

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Updated February 2022