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Leyla Hazal Onurlu


Leyla Hazal Onurlu is a Kurdish-Turkish cybersecurity enthusiast, who is dedicated to advocate for social justice and human rights. She has a BSc. in Health Informatics from University of Copenhagen and an MSc. in Business Administration and Innovation in Health Care from Copenhagen Business School.

Leyla specialized in advanced health innovation at University of Lisbon in Portugal, talked about healthcare technology at OPEN GULF in Kuwait, invited to the global tech scene the SLUSH conference in Finland, and will soon participate in the United States Fellowship, Mapping Democracy, in Washington, D.C.

Her educational research interest lies within the intersection of business, health, and technology – particularly refugee and immigrants’ health. She has worked with NGOs, the public- and private sector to address critical issues such as the cybersecurity agenda, ensuring healthcare access for undocumented migrants, cybersecurity education for minority women, activities for rejected asylum children and advocacy for Muslim rights in Denmark.

Updated in May 2023