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Lina Grønlund Kristensen


Lina Grønlund Kristensen holds a master in Business & Development Studies from CBS and a BA in Business, Language and Culture with a regional specialisation in Latin American and Spanish speaking markets. She has spent more than 2,5 years in Latin America, working, travelling and volunteering in areas of development, international business opportunities and diplomacy.  With a special interest in universal human needs and rights, Lina has primarily worked in the health and food sector. In 2017, Lina worked with a Women’s rights group in Nicaragua, where she supported their work and gained insight into how agriculture and food production plays a key role in the independization of women in a patriarchal society.
Learning new skills is one of Lina’s favourite activities. She trains towel-swinging techniques and studies the properties of essential oils to become a Sauna Aufguss Master. She’s also active in the dance community in Copenhagen, and loves to explore and cook new dishes for friends.

Updated December 2023