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Mahmoud Mohamad Mansour


Mahmoud Mansour is a Danish-Palestinian 23-year old activist, living in Copenhagen. He is currently studying law at the University of Copenhagen but is working in the psychiatric sector. Previously, he has been an activist for the Social Liberal Youth Party in Denmark, interfering in public debate and has written several Opinion’s on the National Newspapers. As an ambassador, he had an active role in Red Cross’ yearly charity fundraising, collecting money for refugees Worldwide. He has a big interest in human rights, minorities’ rights’, The Middle East, integration and the Rule of Law. He is passionate about traveling, exploring new cultures and he has visited more than 40 countries. In his free time, he like to go to the gym, meditate and get his weekly all-you-can-eat sushi at the local sushi bar. He hates following recipes and prefers to experiment in the kitchen.

Mahmoud has served on the Humanity in Action Denmark Board of Directors since November 2023.

Updated May 2023