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Patricia Petersen


Patricia Petersen is an interdisciplinary photographer and filmmaker from Copenhagen. She has recently graduated with a BA of first-class honours in Fine Art: Print & Time-Based Media from the University of the Arts London. Inspired by experimental ethnography, Petersen’s work aims to challenge and reframe historical, social and political narratives through a feminist lens. Her work has been exhibited across Europe and in 2019 she was invited to Festival Circulation(s) as an emerging European photographer in Paris. From 2018-2019 Petersen worked as a media content developer for Shades of Noir, a social justice platform that promotes inclusivity and diversity within Higher Education and the Arts. During this time, Petersen was the co-lead on the Shades of Noir Terms of Reference (ToR) publication titled: ‘Disabled People: The Voice of Many’. Working at Shades of Noir has significantly influenced Petersen’s projects and future goals, namely to combine social justice, human rights and advocacy with art.

Updated May 2020