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Reshma Persaud

Donor Relations Manager


Reshma Persaud is a Manager of Principal Giving at the International Rescue Committee. She is responsible for the portfolio management of multi-million dollar gifts within the United States and oversees the implementation of funding within programs focusing on safety, health, education, economic well-being, and empowerment for refugee populations worldwide. Previously, Reshma held various positions within New York University (NYU), the CUE Art Foundation, and the Association of Professional Art Advisors. Her 2020 master’s thesis at NYU Steinhardt focused on the rise of female artists within art history. She holds a master’s degree from NYU Steinhardt in Art Administration, focusing on non-profit management and a bachelor’s degree in Art History from NYU College of Arts and Science. Reshma is an active volunteer with various organizations in the NYC metro area. Inspired by global and national women’s rights movements, Reshma works to amplify the voices of NYC’s diverse women. She is a part of many multi-generational, intersectional platforms working to foster women’s empowerment through dismantling norms, practices, and institutions that support patriarchy and gender injustice. They aim to unify women and gender non-conforming individuals in their community, connecting them to the tools and resources necessary to empower their own lives and thrive.

For the next few months, my vision is to partner with various organizations in the NYC metro area to empower a strong group of diverse women and girls. We aim to unify and connect our community to the tools and resources necessary to empower their lives, thrive, and plant the seeds for the next generation.

Learn more about Reshma’s Landecker Democracy Fellowship project here.

Updated June 2021