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Tamila Shvyryda


Tamila Shvyryda is a Polish-Ukrainian activist, full-time student, English tutor, and trainee in a global firm. She has already volunteered as an Angloville mentor at an international camp, where she enhanced her cultural diversity and linguistic knowledge. Being the English-speaking mentor became the very first fruitful international teaching internship. Through a Robert Schumann Foundation fellowship, she gained experience in assisting and supporting European volunteers as well as contributing to the organizations’ project. Currently, she focuses on pre-planning the project, which aims to emphasize the tremendous impact of hate speech and bullying in modern society. Tamila promotes the role of creativity in all aspects of life and the right of women to believe in both their strengths and the impact they can make. She majors in International Affairs and, consequently, wants to use this expertise while working on her future international initiatives.


Updated April 2021