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Administrative Handbook for BH Diaspora


Recognizing the fact that many BH citizens in the diaspora do not vote regularly and do not have regular access to relevant and detailed information on how to increase their participation and engage in local democratic processes, as well as the bureaucratic processes and access to documents in the country’s institutions, EDVACAY Fellows Mirnes Ćerimović, Adna Kurtović and Tarik Velić created an “administrative handbook”.

During the creation of the campaign, the group also got in touch with Aiša Telalović, a lecturer at the EDVACAY program, who shared her experience working with the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the Restart association, which focuses on creating connections between investors from the diaspora and local entrepreneurs. Besides visiting the relevant official websites, the group reached out to several government institutions both in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska as part of their research, in order to establish any differences in the process of acquiring documents and communicating with the authorities that might be helpful to future users of the handbook.

Administrative handbook serves as an additional mechanism and resource for the increased participation of this category of citizens in the BH society. In order to create a comprehensive and useful handbook, the group also organized online consultations through social media channels, as well as created a questionnaire distributed to different online groups and diaspora associations abroad.

Besides the possibility to download the handbook in .pdf format, the website offers navigation through relevant information on voting from abroad, the most frequently required documents (such as the process of acquiring an ID card, driver’s license, passport or a birth or wedding certificate), an overview of contacts of several government institutions (e.g. the Ministry of Internal Affairs, municipal courts, as well as diplomatic and consular representations abroad), and the instructions for several proceedings before government institutions.


  • Promotional posters for the Administrative Handbook
  • Promotional posters for the Administrative Handbook
  • Promotional posters for the Administrative Handbook

Tarik, Adna and Mirnes talk about their Civic Campaign and EDVACAY  experiences


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