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Cruelty Free: Marking Cosmetics Not Tested on Animals


The awareness-raising civic campaign implemented by EDVACAY Fellows Emela Fazlić, Naila Malkić, and Barbara Mijatović aimed to emphasize the importance of selling and using cosmetics not tested on animals. The campaign was implemented in three separate parts:

  1. Make-up session at At Mejdan park in Sarajevo, with make-up artists who volunteered their time and skills to use cruelty-free cosmetics in order to promote the campaign, as well as raise awareness about the importance of using beauty products that were not tested on animals.
  2. #CrueltyFree Poster

    Setting up a stand in Fra Grga Martić square in front of the Sarajevo Cathedral –  the members of the group were joined by six other animal rights activists, and the main activity of the day was distributing over 500 flyers and informing the citizens about the dangers of animal testing and the importance of using cruelty-free products, as well as ways to check whether the products they use were tested on animals.

  3. Sending out letters to local retail chains whose mail activity is selling cosmetic products, as well as cosmetics manufacturers, referencing the results of the completed campaign. The letters especially emphasized the need to mark products not tested on animals with noticeable stickers, as well as to raise awareness of the problem of animal testing.

The campaign received support by activists from Foundation CURE and the Association of Vegans in BiH for the main event, from Banja Luka-based NGO Oštra Nula  and the Mostar branch of ELSA (European Law Students’ Association).

This project is generously supported by: