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Diplomacy of Lights - 30 years of BiH's relations with democratic countries and organizations


This project aims to celebrate and to raise awareness about the past 30 years of diplomatic and bilateral relations of BiH with various democratic countries and organizations. Fellows Ali Musić, Altijana Đulančić, Haris Šehović, and Neven Rokvić will select important dates in BiH’s diplomatic history since its independence was gained in 1992, create visual designs in a form of a calendar to depict the identified events and graphic depiction of the specificity of the relation that BiH is fostering with a country or organization, and reach out to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH with a request for their design to be beamed/light projected on the building of the Ministry. The main goal of this project is to promote BiH democratic and diplomatic relations to the broader public of both BiH and selected countries. The project will also be promoted through an exhibition of 12 visual designs of 12 selected events, various media outlets, and through a social media campaign. If the team receives full support by the Ministry, the long-term goal is to address the BH Post, and propose the creation of a series of postage stamps “BiH diplomacy and 30 years of relations” marking the identified dates.

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