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Freedom Corner


In times when majority of young people look for more presence of the «state» in resolving their existential issues, EDVACAY Fellows Berina Ćatić, Dino Majstorović, Amir Pečenković and Dženeta Pitić  sought quite the opposite. Their civic campaign aimed at creating an interactive webplatform called “Kutak slobode” (“Freedom Corner”, available only in local languages). The main focus of this campaign is raising awareness about and promoting economic rights, freedoms, liberal market, and their role within the post-conflict democratic society of BiH.

The website is divided into three main categories:
– Knowledge Bank (a collection of introductory texts and videos describing the basics of economic liberties and their connection to democratic states);
– Neooptimism (positive examples of economic development and entrepreneurship ideas, as well as the positive impact on minority groups in various different countries);
– and Perspectives Bank (written and video interviews with relevant experts from the field, focusing on current challenges, and analyzing topics such as the relationship between political and economic freedoms, entrepreneurship, democracy, and the role of the state in it).
During the implementation period, the group met with several professors and teaching assistants from University of Sarajevo School of Economics, University of Tuzla Faculty of Economy, University of Sarajevo Faculty of Political Science, and Business and International Burch University in Sarajevo, to conduct interviews and seek advice on making the topic more approachable to youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This project is generously supported by: