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Tech Policy Roundtables


The Tech Roundtables aims to systematically improve the European technology policy process, by co-developing and establishing formats to include underrepresented voices.

The target group of voices that struggle to have a seat at the table includes researchers and practitioners, as well as representatives of civil society and marginalized groups affected by these technologies. Technologies often have an outsized impact on people who already are discriminated against in one or more dimensions. The expertise of those with lived experience of a problem is currently undervalued. The second target audience are technology policy makers in the EU institutions, as well as European national governments.

This roundtable series intends to create meaningful interaction and transformative conversations.

In the conventional policy-making practice, roundtables are often closed-door meetings for exclusive participants. This roundtable series intends to create meaningful interaction and transformative conversations, by building on facilitation methodologies such as empathic listening, mediation, and nonviolent communication. The Tech Policy Roundtables want to partner with and contribute to existing organizations and structures of self-representation in the ecosystem.

To amplify the impact of the conversations, the roundtable series will be accompanied by a podcast series and the public will be invited to join parts of the roundtables. The desired long-term effect is that the Tech Policy Roundtables contribute to the personal and institutional transformations needed to establish marginalized voices and fresh ideas in the technology policy process and political culture.


Updated November 2022