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Njena Ulica (Her Street)


By directly involving the community the project gives them a voice and actively contributing to the project, fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment.

“Njena Ulica” (Her Street) is a project initiated by EDVACAY participants Layla Jusko, Selma Pandža, and Adela Mujezinović. The project’s primary objective is to raise awareness about underrepresented notable women in Bosnia and Herzegovina by “assigning” their names to the streets of Sarajevo on a large mural. By doing so, the project aims to connect and inform the community about the often-overlooked contributions of women throughout history who have made significant strides in aiding their communities in BiH. One of the notable aspects of this project is that the community plays an integral role in the decision-making process.

The community will be involved in proposing and selecting the notable women who will be represented by placing their names as street addresses. This type of approach ensures that the community has a voice and actively contributes to the project, fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment. The main event of the project will take place in one of the galleries in Sarajevo, where young female artists will showcase their creative voices in support of the project and who will paint a mural depicting the outline of Sarajevo and its streets renamed into female counterparts of existing addresses. This event will provide a platform for these artists to express themselves and raise further awareness about the underrepresented women of BiH. Ultimately, the project’s overarching goal is to inform the community about the countless underrepresented women who have worked diligently, often on par with or even surpassing their male counterparts. By shedding light on their contributions, “Njena Ulica” aims to challenge gender stereotypes, promote equality, and inspire future generations to recognize and appreciate the accomplishments of women throughout history.

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