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Solidarity Sunflowers


The war in Ukraine is having devastating impacts on the lives of countless individuals and communities, causing untold suffering and trauma.

Solidarity Sunflowers are ceramic brooches that symbolize the Ukrainian war, serving not only as beautiful accessories but as reminders of the need for continued support and awareness of the situation. These brooches are a way for individuals to take action and raise awareness about the war.

That is why for her action project, Patricia made solidarity sunflowers to raise awareness of and funding for the Ukrainian war. Despite not being a ceramic student, Patricia got permissions from the technicians to use their workshop and kilns to create the pieces. She fired the brooches alongside other students’ work, sharing kiln space. Upon making them, Patricia was confronted with the difficulty of selling the brooches in compliance with tax laws. After conducting extensive research and some serious reflection, she thought of a solution: allowing individuals to donate directly to the Ukraine emergency fund in exchange for the brooches. This ensured that all funds raised would go directly to the cause without any difficulties.

At an art event, Patricia noticed someone wearing one of the Solidarity Sunflowers brooches she had created for her project. She did not know the person personally, but it was a touching moment for her nonetheless…Seeing the ongoing impact of her work and the brooches continuing to be worn and shared was a rewarding experience for her. It reminded her of the importance of her efforts and the potential for small acts to make a big difference

Upon graduating, Patricia was no longer able to use the kiln to make the brooches. But recently, she received some exciting news,  a ceramic studio has shown interest in supporting the continuation of the project! Once the details have been finalized, Patricia will provide updates on her Instagram page, inviting supporters to keep an eye out for updates.