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Through Our Eyes: A Black Girl's Perspective


Inspired by the 1963 Leesburg Girls who Senior Fellow Ianne Fields Stewart learned about and met during the 2017 John Lewis Fellowship, they created a play that addresses the historic abuse of black women and girls, and their continued methods of surviving and thriving.

Ianne asked these woman what they did on a day to day basis. Their answers personalized this atrocity in history.

Ianne Fields Stewart asked these women what they did on a day to day basis and their answers personalized this atrocity in history. They felt it was important to share their contextualized stories of the Leesburg Stockade with the young women that they serve at viBe Theater Experience.

Ianne remarked that, “When working with young women of color, it is necessary for their intellect and needs to lead the way. I could never have imagined how beautifully the young women would encapsulate this moment in history.”

The show uplifted a moment in civil rights history that is often ignored, while also providing the young women that viBe serves the opportunity to speak to the issues that affect them as young black girls in 2017.