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The EDVACAY Fellows, Isidora Trivković, Kana Bajrić, Muhamed Ahmuljić, and Jovana Mišikić, have come together to create a project guided by the motto „enriching micro-urban spaces with youth’s voices“, which aims to include and empower young poets and bring their poetry to the streets of Sarajevo to entice a dialogue with the community. Drawing inspiration from the power of collective action, their project will create an environment where through literary works young participants will be able to voice their views and concerns regarding the political climate and the status of human rights in BiH. By engaging with local communities and utilizing various mediums of expression it will promote unity within the country. In an exciting collaboration, the group will attempt to reach an agreement with the local public transportation company GRAS and a local publisher and bookstore BuyBook to display the literary works at bus and tram stops throughout the city. This partnership will provide a unique platform for these thought-provoking pieces to reach a wide audience and spark conversations about the pressing issues addressed in the project.

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