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Pre-Genocide Conference

Genocides do not happen out of the blue.

Humanity in Action Denmark hosted this conference in commemoration of the civil resistance against the Nazi persecution of Danish Jews in October 1943.

In late September 2018, Humanity in Action Denmark hosted the ‘Pre-Genocide Conference: An international conference on the road to the Holocaust and other Genocides’ in Sinatur, Lyngby, Denmark. Participants and experts came from four continents to discuss the period leading up to the Holocaust as well as the Genocides in Armenia, Cambodia, Iraqi Kurdistan, Rwanda and Bosnia. What are the lessons learned? Is the world better prepared today?

It is the duty of every person to improve the world, so we hand on a better world to our children.


— Bent Melchior, Chief Rabbi Emeritus of Denmark

Conference Programming included

  • Holocaust and later Genocides: My Father’s Lesson, Chief Rabbi Emeritus Bent Melchior
  • Pre-Genocide: Germany, Denmark, and the League of Nations, Facilitator: Adam Holm, Ph.D. and Journalist; Prof. Dr. Ulrich Herbert, Historian, University of Freiburg; Bent Blüdnikow, Historian; Cecilie Stokholm Banke, Danish Institute for Human Rights
  • During Conflict and after Genocide, Facilitator: Samuel Rachlin, Writer and Journalist; Peter Vedel Kessing, Senior Researcher, Danish Institute for Human Rights; Frederik Harhoff, Professor Emeritus, University of Southern Denmark
  • Pre-Genocide: Four cases after the Second World War, Facilitator: Anette Marcker (writer & journalist)
    Alexander Hinton (Professor, Rutgers University | Cambodia) Joost Hilstermann(P.h.D., Director, International Crisis Group | Anfal, Iraqi Kurdistan), Assumpta Mugiraneza (Social Psycologist, Director, Iriba Centre | Rwanda) and Edina Becirevic (Professor, University of Sarajevo | Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Conference Schedule

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Publications by Humanity in Action

  • Pre-Genocide: Warnings and Readiness to Protect / ed. Anders Jerichow; Cecilie Felicia Stokholm Banke. - Humanity in Action (Denmark), [s. a.]. - 190 p. ; 24 cm

  • Civil Society and the Holocaust: International Perspectives on Resistance and Rescue

  • Oktober '43 by Anders Jerichow

    Oktober 43

Our Conferences Speakers

  • Bent Melchior

    Chief Rabbi Emeritus of Denmark

  • Laszlo Csosz

    Senior Historian, United States Holocaust Memorial...

  • Joost Hiltermann

    Director, International Crisis Group: Anfal, Iraqi...

  • Assumpta Mugiraneza

    Social Psychologist, Director, Iriba Center Rwanda

  • Edina Becirevic

    Professor, University of Sarajevo

  • Andreas Meitzner

    German Ambassador to Denmark