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EDVACAY Debate Tournament 2021


As part of the final phase of the EDVACAY 2020/21 program, the fellows participated as speakers and judges in a final debate, on the topics related to COVID-19 pandemic, more specifically, they debated whether sanctions should be introduced for unvaccinated persons. The participants were able to use the knowledge they acquired during the first program phase, not only about constructive dialogue, communication and debating skills, but also about the importance and role of human rights. Tournament was traditionally facilitated by Ivana Kešić.

The progress that fellows made in their debating skills since the start of the program in December 2020 was evident right from the beginning of the tournament and many of them discussed initiating a debate club to pass on the skills they acquired to their peers.


EDVACAY 2020/21 Debate Tournament Highlights

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