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HIA BiH is taking part in Peace Laboratory Project (, supported by the British Embassy in Sarajevo, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and Foundation Mozaik.

#gamEscape Goals and Objectives

The goal is to launch a project that will focus on educating young people about the importance of their civic and democratic engagement using 2 inovative and interactive educational tools – board games and escape room game.

The aim of the project is to encourage young participants to contemplate peacebuilding together and to educate them about discrimination and the reactions to it in the local context, done in a creative way through board games and an escape room, which will make education much more attractive to young people.

Project activities follow a certain flow that contributes to the overall design of the entire project, and that is the cascading transfer of knowledge and peer education.

  1. In the first phase, during the 7-day long workshop in Sarajevo, 16 young people will work together, exchange ideas, develop games, and form a network.
  2. 12 project participants, divided into 4 teams, will travel to several cities across BiH to test the games they designed with other young people and talk to them about their learning experience through this innovative approach. Participants will then compile individual reports to help highlight how games work in different educational contexts and what can be done to improve their effectiveness for other students, teachers, civil society leaders, and the general public.
  3. In the final phase, our team will use the joint findings and create a joint report and instruction (toolkit for online use) that can serve other teachers in their work.

The #gamEscape project will re-establish contact among young people as well as encourage them to think about peacebuilding and discrimination in a broader sense: locally and regionally.

About #gamEscape

The most prominent component of the #gamEscape project is the creation of a new educational tool – 3 board games and an escape room.

The entire process of joint learning and creating games in which a group of participants from all over BiH will participate – is designed to contribute to the process of reconciliation and the establishment of sustainable friendly relations, and to leave a concrete educational model that can be replicated and used after the project is completed. In this way, young people from all over BiH will be introduced to the idea that it is possible to actively learn and to actively engage in social change.

For more information please contact Daniel Lazarević at

#gamEscape is supported by the Mosaic Foundation and the United Nations Population Fund in BiH (UNFPA) in the Community for Activism and Entrepreneurship with the financial support of the Government of the United Kingdom.