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How to Fix Democracy Live Session 3 with Anne Applebaum and Michael Ignatieff






The Bertelsmann Foundation North America and Humanity in Action held a live discussion about the decline of liberal democracy and the rise of authoritarianism around the world. The discussion focused on how voter disenfranchisement is undermining American democracy and what needs to be done to ensure a free and fair Presidential Election in November 2020.

Hosted by: Andrew Keen
Author, Film Maker, Host of the How To Fix Democracy video & podcast series

In discussion with: Anne Applebaum
Pulitzer-prize winning historian, author of ‘Twilight of Democracy: The Seductive Lure of Authoritarianism’
Staff writer, The Atlantic

Michael Ignatieff
President and Rector of the Central European University, Vienna

We invite you to watch the recording provided here.