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Intergenerational Justice: Just Justice Podcast



For their 2020 John Lewis Fellowship final group project, Fellows Mahir Turkmen, Sonja Kosanović, Beth Awano, Keely Kriho, Piper Prolago decided to create a podcast addressing the topic “Intergenerational Justice.”

The Just Justice Podcast takes a look at the idea and practice of intergenerational justice and answers the questions: What is intergenerational justice? What does or could intergenerational justice look like when applied to climate justice? How can intergenerational justice be used as a tool to begin to combat climate change at the theoretical and practical level? To answer these questions, the team interviewed three guests who each bring a unique perspective to the intersectionality of the two themes, intergenerational justice and climate justice. Below are short bios of each guest and ways to engage further with their work:

Dr. Tina Sikka

Dr. Tina Sikka is currently a Lecturer in Media, Culture and Heritage at the University of Newcastle in the UK. Her article “Will the idea of intergenerational justice mobilize us into climate action” can be found here. Her other works can be found here.

DeLesslin “Roo” George-Warren

Roo George-Warren is a queer artist, researcher, and organizer from Catawba Indian Nation whose work ranges from performance to installation art to community education to food sovereignty to language revitalization. Since 2017, he has been the Special Projects Coordinator for the Catawba Cultural Preservation Project where he facilitates the Catawba Language Project, several food sovereignty initiatives, and other community education projects. Roo is also a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow and a 2020 Alfred Landecker Democracy Fellow. Roo’s Action Project was the “Indigenous Corps of Discovery.” Roo’s website and work can be found here.

Matt Wisner

Matt Wisner is a student at Duke University and an activist with the Sunrise Movement in Durham. Sunrise is a movement of young people uniting to stop the climate crisis. Information about Sunrise Movement can be found at their website.

You can find a full transcript of the podcast here.

The clips of music used in the Podcast was “Siesta” by Jahzzar, found here.

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