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My Father's War: Educational Materials, Resources, and Inspirations



On this page you find a variety of educational tools and resources to enrich the viewing experience of the film “My Father’s War” in your classroom or in a non-formal educational setting. 

The materials are designed as inspirations for creating a lesson plan based on your specific needs. We intentionally designed these resources to be open for your own adjustments. You know your audiences best and are encouraged to select the materials that fit your teaching goals, your local context, your target age group as well as the time frame and equipment you have available. 

What is this film about?

“My Father’s War” brings to life the experiences of Peter Hein and his son David. As a Jewish toddler in the Netherlands in the 1940s, Peter is separated from his parents and whisked from hiding place to hiding place to escape deportation. Meanwhile, his parents must make a series of daring escapes as their hiding places are revealed to Nazi forces by Dutch collaborators. Decades after the war, Peter’s mental health buckles under the weight of his memories, leading his son David to forge his own path fighting war crimes in the Balkans. Narrated by both Peter and David, My Father’s War depicts an intergenerational conversation, reverberating across the decades, and explores the hereditary trauma of the Holocaust: the deep emotional wounds of forefathers passed on to children and grandchildren.

Educational Materials:

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Where can I watch the film?

Right here! “My Father’s War” is available online for free.

If you’d like to organize your own screening, please fill out this form to receive a free download link. 

Subtitles are available in Dutch, English, German, Hebrew, Polish, Ukrainian, and Russian. 

How can I share feedback or questions?

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