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What Do We Do Tomorrow? with Judith Goldstein






6 Degrees from the Institute for Canadian Citizenship launched a new five-episode podcast, What Do We Do Tomorrow?. The world is facing urgent problems. It has become clear in this generation-defining moment that to make the changes we need, we will have to use every tool at our disposal. But that can also sound pretty overwhelming. So, partnering with The Walrus Lab and host
Hannah Sung, this podcast is tackling some of today’s most complicated issues with a simple question.

As Americans make their way to the polls this week, Sung speaks with Humanity in Action’s Executive Director Judith S. Goldstein, acclaimed author and thinker. In the midst of a contentious election, Sung and Goldstein explore our attitudes towards participation and learning when it comes to voting, and give you ideas for what civic engagement can look like.

To listen to Sung and Goldstein’s conversation on episode one, click here.

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