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Two Trees in Jerusalem: Educational Materials, Resources, and Inspirations



On this page you will find a variety of educational tools and resources to enrich the viewing experience of the film “Two Trees in Jerusalem” in your classroom.

The materials are designed as inspirations for creating a lesson plan based on your specific needs. You are welcomed to select the materials that fit your teaching goals, local context, target age group, available time frame and equipment.

What is this film about?

“Two Trees in Jerusalem,” an animated documentary produced by Humanity in Action, profiles the remarkable history of Eberhard and Donata Helmrich, who together saved the lives of countless Jews during the Holocaust. The pair worked as a husband-and-wife team in the eye of the storm, in Berlin and the blood-soaked fields of Eastern Europe, devising ever-more daring gambits to save any life they could, even as death surrounded them. The history is narrated by the couple’s daughter Cornelia, who was called into her parents’ confidence as a young child, and was imbued with an inner-strength that guided her work decades later as a politician and Commissioner for immigrant and refugee issues during the 1990’s.

Educational Materials:

All educational materials are available in the following languages (click on your preferred language):

Where can I watch the film?

Right here! Two Trees in Jerusalem is available online for free.

If you’d like to organize your own screening, please fill out this form to receive a free download link. 

Subtitles for the English version are available in English, German, Hebrew, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and Lithuanian. For the German language version, Zwei Bäume in Jerusalem, please click here.

How can I share feedback or questions?

Missing anything? Can’t find your language? Have additional ideas? Send us an email to or let us know by filling out the contact form.

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