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Humanity in Action The Netherlands is an international educational non – profit organization and part of a collaborative learning community in Europe and the United States. We are committed to a society with a robust rule of law. Humanity in Action The Netherlands informs, connects, and inspires young people to engage in dialogue and take action for human rights, democracy, and inclusivity.

2019 Amsterdam Fellowship

We engage young people in our shared history and inspire them to contribute to an inclusive society.

Our Programs

Freedom, equality, and equity are not self – evident in the Netherlands. There is an imminent need for fostering active and social citizenship among younger generations.

To this end, Humanity in Action The Netherlands develops intense, stimulating educational programs for high school and college students and (recent) graduates. We support community based initiatives and offer Professional Fellowships. Further, we organize training sessions as well as public events for larger audiences. Together with experts from academia, activism, the arts, journalism, politics, and the corporate sector, we explore critical social justice issues in the Netherlands in our programs. The topics that keep us busy are human rights, democracy, and inclusivity. For years, we have created and nourished a community culture that is collaborative, open to vulnerability, interdisciplinary, international and opinionated.

The personal and intensive exchange through our programs and the development of independent civil society initiatives, Action Projects, set the path to an active alumni network: the Humanity in Action Senior Fellow community. In supporting our Fellows and Senior Fellows in further developing civic engagement and taking over societal responsibility, the international Humanity in Action network is a decisive resource for the implementation of independent projects and initiatives.

Our Network

Over the past 20 years, Humanity in Action has built an international network and currently comprises nearly 3,000 committed human rights defenders. In the Netherlands, this highly diverse network counts more than 280 alumni, the so-called Senior Fellows. They are entrepreneurs, artists, lawyers, journalists, politicians, and activists. They steer our collective future. 

We support and work with those who ask questions and dare to be critical, of themselves and of others.

Our History

Humanity in Action The Netherlands was founded in 1999 as the third partner organization within the international Humanity in Action network. This network has since expanded to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Ukraine, France and Poland and is coordinated by Humanity in Action Inc. in the United States, New York.