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Public Events

We organize public events on pressing societal challenges.

Our public events include lectures, symposia, campaigns, and video- and podcast series.

Current Programs

Workshop: (H)erken Jij Alledaags Racisme?!


Events | The Netherlands, 17 Marta 2022

Racism and discrimination on the basis of gender, race, religion, sexuality and other grounds are still far too common in the Netherlands today. Annually, Meldpunt Discriminatie Regio Amsterdam receives hundreds of reports about various forms of discrimination.

PAX Power to the People x HIA TALKS | Conflict as opportunity

Events | The Netherlands, 19 Septembra 2021

During the annual Peace Week (September 18-26) the second edition of Pax Power to the People took place. Humanity in Action The Netherlands organized together with PAX the event Conflict as opportunity. The Key note was provided by Senior Fellow Ufuk Kâhya. He shared in a personal story, his own experiences in a polarized society, and revealed how he remains hopeful despite it. How can we learn to talk (again) to people who are far removed from us? And do these social and personal conflicts also contain an opportunity?

The Invaluable Power of Women: The Heritage of Joan Ferrier

Events | The Netherlands, 30 Septembra 2021

On Thursday, September 30, 2021, the Atria Kennisinstituut, in collaboration with Humanity in Action Netherlands, hosted the online event THE INVALUABLE POWER OF WOMEN: THE HERITAGE OF JOAN FERRIER. As part of her Action Project, Fellow Tamara Hartman (2020 John Lewis Fellowship) has been researching the archives of Joan Ferrier. During this evening, we payed tribute to Ferrier's work and life, in which intersectionality and emancipation were a common thread.