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"Access Denied" now available!



Senior Fellow Francis Seeck published new book titled “Access Denied, No chance in class society: how classism promotes social inequality.”

“Discrimination based on social origin and position fundamentally defines our society. Classism operates before birth and beyond death,” the book description explains. Despite this, not much attention is being paid to classism.

Our social standing influences our education, healthcare, or even the way we are buried. The book further explores how longer-term social trends are exacerbating social differences, or the widening gap between rich and poor.

Anyone who wants to understand classism must read Francis Seeck,” recommended the book Daniela Dröscher, a German writer.

“Francis Seeck impressively shows why we must overcome class society. Well written, carefully researched, simply eye-opening! Anyone who has read this book will never again think of classism as an art era,” added a fellow writer Christian Baron.

The book is now available for purchase in German on W1-Media’s website.