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Senior Fellow Josephine Landertinger Forero Introduces Acción Mujeres



Senior Fellow Josephine Landertinger Forero introduces Acción Mujeres, the first directory of organizations and collectives that work for gender equality in film and TV in Latin America.

According to the Press Release, Josephine felt that there was a lack of digital information spaces in the Spanish language where affected people could go, find out, report, empower themselves and create community.

Acción Mujeres website
Visit the Acción Mujeres website.

The main objective is for women to be 50% in front of and behind the cameras and also, that by doing so, they can be calm and focused on their work, without fear, harassment or abuse.

With the directory, Josephine intends to make visible the valuable work carried out by various organizations and that this can serve as an inspiration and even a connection point for other groups that want to form. Visit the official website for more information.