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EU Influx Directive: First and second class refugees?



Senior Fellow Nabila Abdel Aziz wrote an article for the German BR24 about how an EU directive might be creating first and second class refugees.

In the article, Nabila highlights the differences in experiences of refugees coming to Germany from Ukraine and Syria. According to Anna Frölich, a migration law specialist, Ukrainians who have been in Germany for a few days have immediate access to residence, social benefits, but also language courses and work. This is because in this case, special directive and laws were implemented.

As the article explains, this EU influx directive is activated in special cases. However, after the beginning of the war is Syria, this directive was not activated.

The unfair treatment of refugees of different origins and skin colors is obvious, the article claims. According to a refugee helper, it injured many souls.

The full article is available in German on this BR24 page. To read more articles Nabila wrote for BR24, follow this link.