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Priya Fielding-Singh releases new book entitled "How the Other Half Eats"



Senior Fellow Priya Fielding-Singh, PhD, is publishing new book entitled “How the Other Half Eats – The Untold Story of Food and Inequality in America.”

The book takes readers to the frontlines of how food shapes the human experience through the eyes of four families across income, educational, and ethnoracial backgrounds. By diving into the nuances of families’ lives, Priya lays bare the limits of efforts narrowly focused on improving families’ access to healthy food. Instead, she reveals how being rich or poor in America impacts something even more fundamental than the food families can afford: if affects the meaning of food itself and how caregivers use food differently to express love, protect, educate, and preserve heritage with their children.

A nutritious diet is not a privilege to be bestowed upon a worthy few but a fundamental human right to which every single person – rich or poor, Black, brown, or white – is entitled.

How the Other Half Eats” is available in a variety of formats and accessible on multiple platforms such as Amazon or Apple Books. For more information about the book and how to order it, follow this link.

On November 23, Humanity in Action hosts an Author-in-Conversation online event about Food Justice. In this online conversation hosted by a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow Aditi Mehta, participants will engage in a timely and thoughtful conversation as Priya and Aditi discuss the broader implications of Priya’s research for parents, teachers, policy-makers, doctors, and health care workers during the global pandemic.

For more information about the event and how to register, click here.