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Humanity in Action Short Film: "Make Reality"



Two years ago, Humanity in Action teamed up with Brooklyn-based paper-cut and stop-motion animation artist, Andrew Benincasa, to create an animated film on the theme of reality in the context of Humanity in Action’s mission. The film explores the pressures on reality, community and active citizenship in a time of increasing social and political discord. “Make Reality” was screened for the first time at the 2017 International Conference in Berlin and we are pleased to share it with you below.

This video was created in dedication to Herbert and Sussi Pundik; Herbert Pundik, along with Judith Goldstein, was an original co-founder of Humanity in Action and the Pundiks remain longtime supporters of the organization.

Andrew Benincasa creates paper-cut art, stop-motion animations and stories. In his early-20’s, Andrew pursued literature, languages, and education, but then made an abrupt shift to creating and performing shadow puppet shows. He performed for small audiences, week after week, year after year, developing his aesthetic and relationship with the audience. During this time, he taught himself paper-cut art and eventually animation. Andrew now operates from his studio in Brooklyn, NY as a freelance artist, making artwork, lightboxes, and animations for clients, as well as working on his own projects. He is currently at work on an animated adaptation of the Book of Job.