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Explore the 2022 Copenhagen Fellowship Open Events



Every year the Copenhagen Fellowship invites the public in to discuss issues related to the Fellowship. The purpose of these events is to engage the public – and engage with public – about issues close to our hearts. The 2022 Copenhagen Fellowship was no exception.

This year we held two seccesful Open Events with a knowledgeable and curious audience, challenging both our Fellows and presenters with their insightful questions and comments.

For the third year out of three, the 2022 Copenhagen Fellowship focused on the Unity of the Realm and Human Rights. However, for our open events this year we chose to discuss more general issues such as threats to democracy as well as take the opportunity to screen our animated short film “Voices in the Void” for the very first time in Denmark.

Current Threats to Democracy

On June 22, 2022, renowned TV anchor, editor and public speaker Clement Kjersgaard yet again visited a full Borups Højskole to talk about current threaths to democracy. In light of the war in Ukraine, a (post) covid society and the upcoming midterm elections in the US, the debate focused on a historical and present analysis of the consequences of these events for Denmark, Ukraine, and Western democracies today.


“Voices in the Void”

On June 15 Humanity in Action Denmark and the Jewish Information Centre invited the public in to a preview of our animated short film “Voices in the Void”. The film was followed by a talk with Ole Philipson, refugee of October 1943, in conversation with Mirjam Capelle, psychologist and author of “Min sjæls vandmærke”.

“Voices in the Void” (2020) tells the story about late Rabbi Bent Melchior’s, and his family’s, escape to Sweden in October 1943. Pushed to the brink, theirs is a story of rescue, return, and compassion. Bent Melchior narrates his own story along with the Danish actress Ina-Miriam Rosenbaum. After the film screening we were so fortunate as to have a warm and deep conversation with retired ambassador Ole Philipson, himself a refugee of October 1943, and Mirjam Capelle, about Ole’s own flight and rescue, his life long work as an ambassador and the meaning of being a life long refugee.