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How To Fix Democracy Live Session with Dr. Jelani Cobb



The Bertelsmann Foundation North America, Humanity in Action, and the Canadian Institute for Citizenship invite you to join this live session of How to Fix Democracy featuring Dr. Jelani Cobb, acclaimed New Yorker writer and Ira A. Lipman Professor of Journalism at Columbia Journalism School. Professor Cobb and host Andrew Keen will discuss the meaning of citizenship especially in the context of the momentous and stunning transition from one Administration to another. A landmark of democracy in the US has been a peaceful transition of power between Presidents. The violent attack on the US Capitol and democracy itself, on January 6th, showed how fragile democracy can be. The inauguration of President Biden, critical for the stability of democracy, is dependent upon the active participation of citizens.

Hosted by: Andrew Keen
Author, Film Maker, Host of the How To Fix Democracy video & podcast series

In discussion with: Dr. Jelani Cobb 
Ira A. Lipman Professor of Journalism, Columbia Journalism School
Staff Writer, The New Yorker

Discussion time: January 26th at 12pm EST / 6pm CET

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