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Humanity in Action Statement on the War in Israel/Palestine



In the wake of the Hamas attacks on Israel on October 7, and the subsequent Israeli bombardment of Gaza, all of us at Humanity in Action are horrified by the explosion of violence and senseless deaths of thousands of civilians, including nearly 3,000 children. 

As a nonprofit educational organization, we believe in a vision of pluralistic societies that embrace differences and negotiate their boundaries through constructive political, social and personal dialogue and relationships. We aim to inspire and support our Fellows to be active in their communities in furtherance of this mission, and to advance democracy, pluralism and human rights. 

As the violence in Israel and Gaza has continued, we have also witnessed a tragically predictable burst of Antisemitic, anti-Muslim, and racist attacks in other cities and communities around the world. These horrific events include the murder of a Palestinian-American boy in the U.S. and the arson attacks on synagogues in Berlin and Tunisia. We call on our Senior Fellow community and all those who believe in just and pluralistic societies to actively practice empathy while building peace in their immediate surroundings. We encourage our community to speak clearly and loudly against the vilification of entire groups based on the actions of others, leaning into our shared values to work toward justice.

None of us chooses what borders we are born behind, what generational trauma we inherit, or what judgments others will make about us. These differences make us who we are, but also obfuscate the simple fact that we are all humans, deserving of life itself, and life lived in dignity and peace. 

Our enduring hope is for a lasting peace and full democratic rights for all people in Israel and Palestine, and for a global society where Muslims, Jews, and people of all faiths can live free of the fear of terrorism, war, violence, and hatred. Now more than ever, we commit to continuing our mission to educate tomorrow’s leaders on facing the challenge of building this future.


With respect for divergent perspectives and opinions, Humanity in Action acknowledges that these are the views of Humanity in Action and not necessarily those of our partners and funders.