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InterCambio’s Documentary Sheds Light on the Situation and Initiative of Maya Women in Guatemala



2016 Humanity In Action French Fellow Laura Cahier was one of the four filmmakers presenting their film “Maya in action – Narratives of resilience in Guatemala” at the  Underrepresented People and Nations Organization. The film focuses on “the challenges and initiatives put in place by Maya indigenous women in their day-to-day life, and the particularity of how they adapt to social, medical and technological changes in a Guatemalan society plagued by discrimination. ” Cahier and her fellow filmmakers traveled to Tecpan to research and film footage for their film. The event also held a discussion with British MEP for the North West Ms. Julie Ward on “indigenous rights in the context of the European Union (EU)’s foreign policy-making and what further steps should be taken.”

“The documentary takes the viewers to the heart of Mayan society in Guatemala, and the challenges it is facing. The four filmmakers, Ms. Eléa Pays, Ms. Pénélope Dufourt, Ms. Laura Cahier and Ms. Chorkin Chau, traveled to Tecpan, the heartland of Mayan Guatemala, and followed the work of NGO Wuqu’ Kawok, that provides medical services to Mayan women. ”

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