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If you felt like the world was on fire at some point in 2023, you aren’t alone



“If you felt like the world was on fire at some point in 2023, you aren’t alone,” introduces his newest blog article Senior Landecker Fellow Michael Zuch. The article was written for and published by his organization Chroma Mental Health Collective. In the piece, Michael looks at 2023, and introduces Chroma’s Annual Report for the year.

As a queer mental health professionals in Tennessee, Michael has been noticing that creating a “sustainable system of affirming and liberatory care is a long-term investment” requiring collective action. The Chroma Mental Health Collective was established to meet this need.

In 2023, Michael developed the foundational infrastructure Chroma needed to become a functioning organization, also thanks to the Landecker Democracy Fellowship. “The Fellowship gave the Collective the resources and permission to grow at the speed of trust,” Michael shared, noting that “one major part of trust-building is transparency.”

One major part of trust-building is transparency…

Therefore, the Collective is honored to present the Annual Report, titled a “testament to the labor of love” from its members for gender and sexual minorities in Tennessee.

Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, Michael believes there are bound to be many changes ahead. Consider supporting Chroma by reading its Annual Report, connecting with the organization, or donating.

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