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Time to Act. Addressing Antisemitism in our Societies.

Conference & Action Academy in Berlin

When and where:

Our Conference & Action Academy took place from October 24 to 27, 2019 in Berlin, Germany.


Our Selection Committee invited Senior Fellows as well as their project partners, who submitted the most promising ideas in our 2019 Grant Competition, to meet in Berlin.

Generously supported by:

Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future (Foundation EVZ)

Embedded in an increasingly powerful discourse driven by racism, xenophobia, nationalism and extremist views, recent incidents, data and reports show that Antisemitism is on the rise both in Europe and the United States.

From October 24-27, 2019, Humanity in Action hosted a Conference & Action Academy in Berlin to discuss and further develop the most promising project proposals submitted in our latest Grant Competition. The summit was a mix of academic input, open space formats, opportunities for peer-to-peer feedback, networking and skills workshops.

Renowned speakers shared keynote speeches on the situation in the individual countries (Germany, Poland, USA). Open Space formats provided ample opportunity to discuss project ideas, brainstorm further, and be inspired by other teams.

In the summer, we invited grant proposals from Senior Fellows for civil society projects that aim to counter Antisemitism within a broad range of issues that deeply impact our societies. Their projects aim at providing information about historical and present-day forms of Antisemitism, prevention, creating meeting spaces between people with Jewish and non-Jewish identities, linking history and remembrance with the present, developing information and prevention campaigns (empowerment, awareness raising, story telling) as well as targeted resistance to Antisemitic statements or actions. The Conference and Action Academy will bring the teams together for heart- and brainstorming, networking, refining and reshaping elements of their projects and for creating community.

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Our Supporters

We thank the Foundation EVZ for their generous support of this project.