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Agnieszka Spyt


Agnieszka Spyt was born in Kraków, a city in Poland. She graduated from Poznan University of Medical Sciences as an MD. During studies, Agnieszka was particularly interested in soft skills in medicine, patient-doctor communication and actively participated in the organization of Magis in Medicinae Conferences – one of the first student conferences focused on interdisciplinary aspects of treatment. She attended internships in medical facilities in her country and abroad (Slovenia, Bulgaria, Moldova) and broadened her knowledge about psyche during two years of Psychology Studies at Jagiellonian University. At present, she is prearranged to start five years of specialty training and become a Psychiatrist in the future. Agnieszka is also a committed proponent of non-formal education, currently becoming a trainee and mastering her skills and knowledge about conducting workshops during postgraduate studies at SWPS.


Updated April 2021.